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St.Mary's Church Silver Jubilee Celebration
Newspaper: Hindustan
Published On: 10-Feb-2016
Updated On: 10-Feb-2016
Description: On 25th year celebration of St.Mary's Church various devotional programmes took place in the permices of St.Mary's Academy. The day began with religious rhymes and the odes to Lord were enchanted in the academy. The reading of verses from the Bible and the singing of devotional songs froze the moment. Various dances and outstanding performances by our students added colours of divinity in the celebrations. The chief guest Rt. Rev. Francis Kalist D.D. (Bishop of Meerut), Rt. Rev. Patrick Nair Emeritus (Bishop of Meerut) and Rt.Rev.Ignatius L. Mascarenhas (Bishop of Shimla-Chandigarh) blessed the academy with their powerful devotional words and re-courted the numerous precepts of God to live a life of religious substance.