Examination and Promotion

CCE : According to the new assessment Scheme (CCE), the students will be assessed for two areas; namely scholastic and non scholastic areas.

Since CCE is a school based assessment, most of the grades will be given on the basis of observation by the teachers.

There will be two types of assessment :

Summative Assessment

Formative Assessment

Grades will be awarded directly based on continuo u s observation of the pupil. Formative and summative Assessments have been planned in different time cycles during the year.

The minimum pass marks for every subject is 40% in all tests and examinations.

Promotion to the next class will be given on the basis of the grand total of the marks obtained in both Summative and Formative Assessments.

Students are not allowed to go for marriages/birthday parties or undertake out of station trips during the time of tests/examinations lest they miss any periodical test or examination. This regulation is to be observed strictly.

No student will be allowed to appear for the final examination if he/she does not put in 75%