School Mission Statement

It is the mission of the St. Mary's Academy to provide quality education to all. To address this mission The Catholic Diocese of Meerut a religious and charitable society for God and Country

  • Focus on Quality.
  • Provide the best conducive ambience where every student will enjoy.
  • Learning in a safe and secure environment.
  • Ensure rigorous academic program.
  • Promote communal harmony and secular approach.
  • Inculcate in every student the respect of human dignity.
  • Impart sound moral; intellectual, and physical education to the students committed-to their care.
  • To built up a self esteem worthy of a St. Marian, always to be at the service of God and man is our primary Endeavour


The vision is to:

  • Design, Develop and Deliver quality education system.,
  • Address the aspirations and abilities of all students.
  • Nurture innovation, creativity and risk taking.
  • Sharpen environment scanning abilities of our students.
  • Develop world class citizens.
  • Nurture and harness leadership ability among students.
  • To uphold human values of our composite culture.
  • To enhance competence and confidence to meet the challenges that lie ahead.
  • To seek the intelligent collaboration of the parents and active and sincere co-operation of the staff for the attainment of these ideals and objectives.

Encourage active participation in co and extra curricular activities

  • Learning to Know
  • Learning to do
  • Learning to be
  • Learning to live together