School Emblem

Cross symbolizes:
  • ‘Victory over Evil.’
  • Symbol of Christian community.
  • Horizontal bar represents the relationship between GOD & MAN.
  • Vertical bar represents the relationship between neighbours.

Ashok Chakra symbolizes:
  • The Law of Dharma (righteousness) also known as Samay Chakra in which all the 24 spokes represented 24 hours of the day and symbol of the movement of the time.
  • The eternal wheel of Law.
  • The wheel represents the dynamism of a peaceful change.

M stands for Mother Mary
  • Mother Mary is the patron of St. Mary’s Academy.
  • She represents the Mother of God. She was the only women in the history of mankind to be chosen by God to bear God in His earthly Incarnation, because of her grace, sanctification, and spiritual purity, and because her parents also had such extreme grace of God, love and service to God, sanctification and spiritual purity.

Diya symbolizes ‘LIGHT’:
  • The light in the lamp symbolizes knowledge.
  • It removes darkness, which symbolizes ignorance.
  • ‘From Darkness unto Light.’

‘FOR GOD AND COUNTRY’ indicates:
  • Every student should have sense of LOVE & SERVICE towards GOD and COUNTRY.